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About us

More than just trading

to Campilo the distribution of cleanroom products means more than just the offering of efficient solutions enabling our clients to complete their demanding assignments in the most efficient manner. 

Our profile is determined by four competencies

In-depth consulting services:

Absolutely essential due to the many questions this field may raise; therefore it is part of our service. The campilo team, has many years of experience in different fields of applications such as micro-system technology, semiconductor technology, precision mechanics, optics, aeronautical- and aerospace engineering as well as in the food- and pharmaceutical industry. 

In addition some of our employes are by the IHK (International Chamber of Commerce) Neuss, certified Cleanroom Service Technician. They are always welcomed technical specialist/expert with Concept Heidelberg, Cleanroom-Akademie, WfK Institut Krefeld and the Cleanroom conferences in Benediktbeurer.

Clear engagement: 

We take any and all of the possibilities for the development of innovative product- and service solutions in the field of controlled areas  and cleanrooms given into consideration. One very important element herein shall be the dialogue with the users – our clients.

Widespread choices:

Campilo is not limited to high-quality cleanroom consumable supplies, -products and accessories. We also offer In-house trainings, cleaning-gloves and disinfection schedules, area equipment  as well as logistic concepts; support and consultation shall always ´be included.

Transparent pricing:

Based on our worldwide supplier network, we are able to provide you with the most current Cleanroom consumable supplies at a top rate at any time. 

In summary, we are a young, dynamic trading business which you will benefit of in many ways due to our high-level skills and multi-facetted competencies. Achieving the essentials, assistance in reaching your goals and success.


Company Policy

1. Client focus: Focused on your needs and requirements in every aspect

What can you expect from us? What can we offer you? We would like to clear all those things in an open and fair dialogue with you. The premise for solutions precisely tailored to your most crucial and individual needs. In the course of every phase of our works we cultivate our values which determine a business relationship based on trust, fairness, honesty, open-mindedness and predictability. All in all, factors that will inspire you as they still do our long-term clients. 

2. Spirit of cooperation: comes natural to us

Successful business conduct and way of thinking keeps present and future in mind; we build-up our whole business relations accordingly. On internal basis we ensure the long-term business development shaped by a solid and independent business strategy and the lasting success of our partners. On external basis we build-up a long-term cooperation with our clients, suppliers and members of staff based on a mutually fair partnership.

3. Quality management: every day a little more

Realizing our high demands in quality is our business. In order to be able to carry our promise into effect at all times we continuously drive improvement of the effectiveness of our business processes and strictly keep our focus on our clients in every aspect of our work. We have many ways to prove our success with this type of quality management like our client's enthusiasm and inspiration.

4. Motivation of our staff: Inspiring people for our work

Qualified staff members are our most important asset and therefore our guarantor for success, today and in the future. In that effect we continuously support and train our staff. We like to follow the principle of individual responsibility and in form of a cooperative style of leadership. Thus our staff consists of high motivated people whom are not afraid to take over responsibility supporting our business' success with their engagement. One step further, every day.

5. Environmental responsibility: consciously perceive our commitments

Goes hand in hand with us grab the awareness of the responsibility to our immediate environment and appropriate measures. Thus we ensure firstly the safety of our employees. Secondly, we offer customers the DHL GoGreen product - a CO2 compensation, with the support conservation projects and thus CO2 emissions are reduced.