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Cleanroom garments washing

Cleanroom Laundry service

What advantages has the rental system for cleanroom clothing?
The range we offer of cleanroom services goes from procurement through special washing and decontamination processes to secure transport. Consistent compliance and verification of current certification and quality criteria is also guaranteed. You don’t have to worry about anything and can concentrate fully on your core competencies.


Where are the savings?
Tthe rental services helps to reduce the fixed costs, creates cost transparency and increases planning security. The savings include warehousing and material costs , product line management and the maintenance of textiles.

Can I easily switch from my current service provider to Campilo Cleanroom Service?

Our long experience and close contact between our customers and our team of experts enable a smooth transition. Qualified consultant after every client personally and remain him with advice and assistance.

We looking forward to receive your requirements via mail or phone call. And send you a individual proposal for a laundry service.