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Cleanroom Tools

Irregardless of the type of tool, if socket key, screwdriver, hammer, ratchet or any other tool used in a cleanroom must not only be functionable but it must also fulfill certain quality requirements. Cleanroom tools must be easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. Also important herein is the durability. Ordinary tools do not withstand the tremendous exposure caused by the regular sterilization process in steam-autoclaves or hot-air sterilization tunnels. The hot-steam penetrates smallest capillary cracks or small defects of the material and causes rust damages in the long run.


Cleanroom tools should therefore consist of high-quality stainless steel or autoclavable special plastics. The precision processing ensures the high durability - even against aggressive liquids such as alkaline or disinfection solutions A so-called passivation-layer of Chromoxidin in addition shall ideally render maximum protection for the stainless steel. In this case, the tool shall also be resistent against impact damages.

Campilo offers a wide range of products, we herein and even assemble sets for you, tailored to your needs. Cleanroom stainless steel europallets (plastic or alluminum) are also included in our product range.

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