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Cleanroom Planning

We plan for you and deliver advice regarding the construction and commissioning of cleanrooms.

  • Consulting Services 
  • Planning
  • Project Management
  • Qualification
  • Training

Turnkey cleanroom technology
Upon your request we shall assume the management of your cleanroom project in parts or in whole. Upon completion of the construction and acceptance of your project we shall provide you with a cleanroom production facility tailored to your needs.

Inclusive consulting services in any aspect of cleanroom technology shall be our aim. Included herein shall be the early and competent advice in respect to technical possibilities and potential savings.

  • technology required 
  • estimated costs 
  • practical approach 
  • analysis of existing conditions 
  • special conditions due to specific rules and regulations 
  • preliminary assessment of completion 
  • energy saving concepts for existing and new facilities 
  • Project and feasibility analysis' 

With the strategy paper drawn up by us you shall receive a comprehensive analysis of your cleanroom project and a detailed roadmap for economic realization.

Planning for economic completion
Early and detailed planning reduces costs. The more complex a project is, the more it is important to include a consistent and forward-looking plan. The required scope and purity criteria shall be determined by your product.

Foresighted planning takes the flexibility of a production into consideration in order to expand its production range or to be able to change over to a different product. We shall not only provide you with the complete planning of your cleanroom production facility but shall also deliver the plan for the required construction measures.


Commissioning and ongoing operation ...
Cleanroom technology also includes extensive regular reviews/audits. Not only during the operation but long before commissioning. We are here to help you manage your projects competently and comprehensively. How do you complete the required qualifications and how do you prepare for validation?

Training and Seminars
The human being is the main cause of most contaminations in a cleanroom. In order to prevent such contaminations personnel, working in a cleanroom production facility, needs to be trained in order to be able to consider and adhere to the applicable safety measures and code of conduct in such an environment.

Regular trainings shall be necessary in order to introduce the employee to the rules and regulations and in order to train the employee at an early stage. Such personnel trainings shall be conducted at a very early stage depending on the scope and individual conditions and requirements. Practical case studies and exercises on-site shall increase the acceptance of the required code of conduct within the cleanroom by your employees. Your staff acquires security regarding the code of conduct and the correct handling of sterile clothing in the cleanroom.

We can assist your staff in all areas incl. the required basic and recurrent trainings as well as seminars for the advanced level and additional training.